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Pay per click is a way of internet marketing, and it can also be called as “cost per click”. PPC is having the best form of advertising is search engine, and the advertisers will pay for each click on the ad by the web user. PPC advertising is cost effective, and works like a silent auction. The advertisers bid on the keyword phrases that are related to the target audience would search in the search engine. Some of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter are also opted for the pay per click services.

On the other hand content site charges a fixed price per click rather than bidding system. When PPC is properly working then the fee is worth less because the lead is important than what we pay for it. The PPC ad is displayed in the results page just above or right of the results shown. To get a quick difference between the PPC ads, and the natural results that are displayed on the page, for PPC ads search engines will place “sponsored ads” under the ads. Google charges less PPC as our ads and landing pages are related to the user and this may leads the business to high profits. PPC is one of the effective strategies in marketing campaign.

Listed the Smart Strategies for a Successful PPC Campaign:
Choosing Platform:

For advertising we have different platforms of all these we have the preferred one is “Google”. To publish the ads, Google Ad words is an advertising interface provided by the Google.


After choosing the right platform for the ad, the preceding step is to make your ad reaching for your targeted audience. You can target the users in a specific location and campaign for the specific device type and operating systems and wireless networks.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a huge performing task and time-consuming activity. At the time of campaign planning only make a note of the keywords list and make your keywords as relevant, low cost and long tail.

Effective Ad Text :

Text which is present in the ad will make your ad success. It is one form of marketing that advertisers can promote their product, an effective ad text must have at least one core keyword. Include one of the best keyword in your ad text and match your ad to landing page.

Landing pages:

One of the important factors to determine the Ad quality is, optimizing your landing pages. The landing pages must be optimised and must possess the complete information about your product. Also this is the doorway to attract the audience and to convert them.

Competitor Analysis:

You should always keep an eye at your competitors and make a note how their Ads are displaying and what are the keywords they are using in the Ad text. From all these get a clear picture and make your strategies clean to get the traffic in contact with your site.

Google Analytics:

One should always track and monitor the PPC campaigns to get better understanding of our ads. Use of the Google analytics is, while you are doing Pay Per Click Ads is to get better insights of user’s behavior on your website.

From the whole, PPC ads are useful for the advertisers as well as for the instant search results on Google Search Engine.